Czech Phycological Society

Brief history of CPS

The Czech Phycological Society was first established as a section of the Czechoslovak Botanical Society in 1956.

During the first years the main aim of the Society was to perform regional floristic research, e.g. in Tatra and Šumava mountains, in South Bohemia any many other small but interesting localities that were endangered by human activities and environmental changes.

The first event organized by the Section was a 2-day long phycological symposium in September 1959 in Vranov nad Dyji. The very first Czech phycological conference took place on May 6 - 9 1959 in Lednice. Then, the conference became a regular event.

In addition, since 1969 a determination course for hydrobiologists and since 1989 a special course intended for students called "Chantransia" have been regularly organized.

In 2003 an independent Czech Phycological Society was established.

(After Oldřich Lhotský)

Presentation of old photographs can be downloaded here: