Czech Phycological Society

Determination course

Algae and Cyanobacteria determination course (for applied hydrobiologists)

Current year: 5. - 8. 6. 2023 Veletov (Sporthotel Relax)

For further information about determination courses please contact Petr Pumann

(e-mail:, tel.: 267082220)

This course was established in late sixties, because during that time new regulations and standards for drinking water required more employees trained in microscopical determination of aquatic microorganisms. The first such course was held in 1969 in Lednice, first only for hydrobiologists from Czechoslovakia, later on also with international paricipants. The main scope of the course was determination of algae and Cyanobacteria in samples collected in the vicinity of course venue and other samples delivered by the participants themselves. Later, specialized lectures on algal systematics and ecology also became an important part of these courses.

Nowadays, the course is held annually, usually in the first half of June on various interesting places of the Czech Republic. Courses are prepared and led by Petr Pumann, Emil Janeček, Rodan Geriš and Lenka Supová (Šejnohová). Several members of the Czech Phycological Society have recently presented their lectures during the course, namely Jiří Popovský, Petr Marvan, Pavel Javornický, Jiří Komárek, Olga Skácelová, Eliška Kozlíková (Zapomělová), Václav Houk, Jan Šťastný and many others. Usually, there are 30 to 50 participants, mostly employees of water treatment facilities and other hydrobiological institutions.

The courses consist of specialized lectures (aimed at methods, taxonomy and ecology) and microscopy sessions led by the lecturers. All microphotographs and presentations are then on-line available for the participants.

Course venues (since 1996):
1996 - Dolní Věstonice
1997 - Kvilda
1998 - Bělá pod Pradědem
1999 - Lužnice
2000 - Sněžné
2001 - Bedřichov
2002 - Seč
2003 - Kamencové lake (Chomutov)
2004 - Svojanov u Borušova
2005 - Roztoky u Křivoklátu
2006 - Žďár nad Sázavou
2007 - Doks
2008 - Chlum u Třeboně
2009 - Dolní Věstonice
2010 - Nový Drahov
2011 - Javorník
2012 - Otradovice
2013 - Bohuslavice
2014 - Vodňany
2015 - Bartošovice
2016 - Jevíčko
2017 - Trhanov
2018 - B&B Ráj near Česká Lípa
2019 - Bítov
2021 - Dolní Údolí (Zlaté Hory)

2022 - Česká Skalice (Hotel Rozkoš)

Photographs from the past courses can be found in the Gallery section!

Prepared by: Petr Pumann, Jiří Popovský