26. 8. 2017 - The next conference of the Czech phycological society will take place in Ostrava on September 17th - 20th. Registration is now open on conference website

30. 3. 2017 - The next determination course will take place in Trhanov on June 5th - 8th

6. 1. 2017 - The next meeting of the Czech Phycological Society will take place on February 10 at 10:30 in the lecture hall "Fotochemie" in Vinicna 7

10. 10. 2016 - New content was added to the homepage: photographs from various events in the Gallery section, complete version of new Memorandum of Association (only in Czech) and slide show of old photographs.

6. 10. 2016 - the list of relevant phycological conferences and meetings in 2017 was updated in the section Event calendar. For additional updates please contact

21. 9. 2016 - The Bohuslav Fott Prize has been awarded to David Ryšánek a Kateřina Procházková, both students of the Charles University in Prague.

The best student publications:

Procházková et al. (2015) Preslia

Ryšánek et al. (2015), Environmental Microbiology

27. 6. 2016 - submissions are now open for the Bohuslav Fott Prize for the best student publication. 

3. 2. 2016 - the list of all society members was updated. For any changes in contact details etc. please write to: